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Gwalior Fort 

Gwalior Fort is on a hill fort near Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, central India. The fort has existed at least since the 10th century, and the inscriptions and monuments found within what is now the fort campus indicate that it may have existed as early as…

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Team Building Tutorial 

What is Team Building? Teams building and teams are formed in workplace based on the common ideas, thoughts, beliefs and clear objectives. If any person with different thoughts tries to enter into the team, he will soon realize that its not his cup of tea…


Feroz Shah Kotla Fort Delhi 

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort Delhi was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in New Delhi. There are numerous engravings in various monuments of the fort which were built since the Mauryan period. Ashokan Pillar was brought here from Haryana and introduced in a pyramid formed building….


Taj Mahal Agra 

Taj Mahal Agra, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of seven wonder in world, this iconic monument is a standout amongst the most well-known landmark in India and the world. Individuals from far off places come to visit the landmark. It was worked for…


Diu Fort Gujarat 

Diu Fort Gujarat which is located in Diu Island. It was constructed by Portuguese in 1535 to safeguard themselves from the capture of Mughals, Gujarat Sultanate, and the Rajputs. The Portuguese reigned here till 1961 and were imposed away after Diu was added to India….

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Self-Confidence Tutorial 

What does Self-confidence tutorial? Self-confidence Tutorial is one’s capacity to judge his own particular social and individual remaining as for his condition and have the capacity to infer fulfillment out of it. Self-confidence is impacted by factors like childhood, workplace, and levels of commitment towards…